R8PA: Region 8 Pretreatment Association


The Region VIII Pretreatment Association is a group of pretreatment professionals located in EPA Region VIII who are responsible for addressing current pretreatment issues, assisting approved and non-approved pretreatment programs with pretreatment questions and providing education for all pretreatment individuals within the region.

EPA Region VIII and the Region VIII Pretreatment Association (R8PA) conjointly developed an annual workshop to address the various needs of municipal pretreatment personnel to implement the pretreatment regulations. Basic to advance pretreatment training, discussions, and presentations will be provided by local, state, and federal government representatives, as well as experts outside the government.


The Region VIII Pretreatment Assocation is open to all pretreatment professionals who wish to be part of the general membership. There are not membership fees and there is an expectation that each member will provide input on core activities. The Region VIII Pretreatment Association depends heavily on volunteers to help achieve the the association goals. Sign up today to be part of the Region VIII Pretreatment Association.

Region VIII States

Colorado, Montana, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming

R8PA Annual Conference
May 6 – 10, 2024

Grouse Mountain Lodge – Whitefish, MT

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